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Sweet Potato or Pumpkin Pie

Conversations with My  White
Friends about Race

My White friends have shared their most-guarded thoughts about their racial privilege, their silent complicity when racial stereotypes were espoused in their presence, or their internal conflict between speaking against racism at the risk of losing the favor of friends, family, or coworkers.”

                                                      William T. Lewis, Sr. MSW, Ph.D.

“I don’t recall another time in my life when I have talked with so many White people about race, racism, and oppression in the United States as I have since the summer of 2020.”

William T. Lewis, Sr. MSW, Ph.D.

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Sweet Potato or Pumpkin Pie: Conversations with My White Friends about Race, Dr. William T. Lewis,

talks with his White friends about perhaps one of the hardest conversation topics in America, racism. William and his friends discuss the human toll of racism, and the promise of a better tomorrow. They discuss the hope for the future, by sharing a commitment to move through the ally continuum, from ally to accomplice to conspirator.

If you are looking for a book that offers authentic and transparent conversations

In this book

about race and racism and offers you hope in a blame and shame free manner, then you must order your copy today.

What Readers Are Saying. . .


Sweet Potato or Pumpkin Pie brilliantly illuminates Dr. Lewis’ deeply held equity principles through meaningful conversations and impactful history lessons.

Robert Egleston 


Through trusted conversations, Dr. Lewis uncovers the truth to reveal the always ugly, often stealthy reality of racism so we can examine and change.  MORE conversations are needed, and I hope this is the first of many books.

Claire Tuttle


Dr. William T. Lewis, Sr. has given us a rare gift in Sweet Potato or Pumpkin Pie. It’s a personal, insightful, empathetic look at race and allyship from both Black and White perspectives. A gifted storyteller, Dr. Lewis invites us on a walk down memory lane where he gently weaves together his experiences growing up and adulting Black with historical snapshots of structural racism's stronghold in America. His interviews with White friends and colleagues who open up about their own racial awakening make this the perfect springboard to your own brave conversations about race. 

Laura Zielke, Director of Online Learning & Innovation, Nonprofit Leadership Lab                                          

"When I first met Dr. Lewis, he asked me this question: 'What do you prefer, sweet potato or pumpkin pie?' From that question, I was led into a fascinating exploration of the perceptions we make based on race. Now, Dr. Lewis has expanded this question into a book that is part memoir, part history, part social commentary about race in modern America. This is an approachable book for individuals or groups who want to explore their identity and biases in a healthy and supportive way. Equal parts challenging and encouraging, Sweet Potato or Pumpkin Pie is a book I will strongly recommend to our community."

Jamie Rogers Southern, Executive Director, Bookmarks


About the Author

Dr. William T. Lewis

Dr. William T. Lewis, Sr., nationally recognized diversity, and inclusion thought leader, and entrepreneur is an advisor and consultant to university presidents, and small to mid-size business leaders.

 As a former Chief Diversity Officer, Lewis has led diversity and inclusion efforts at three highly acclaimed colleges and universities-- Indiana University, Bridgewater State University and Virginia Tech University. Lewis formerly served as the Special Consultant to the President for Belonging, Equity and Inclusion at Forsyth Technical Community College.

Lewis is founder of WillHouseGlobal, a firm that provides diversity, equity, and inclusion consulting to companies who aspire to attract top talent, retain loyal customers and to lead in their industries!

 Lewis proudly served in the United States Marine Corps Reserves (1990-1996).

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The Pie Test

At the official book release for Sweet Potato or Pumpkin Pie: Conversations With My White Friends About Race, we hosted our very first pie test. The goal of the pie test is to test our assumptions and spark conversation!

 How it Works:

  • Participants are provided with two samples of pie, one sweet potato and one pumpkin

  • Participants guess the flavor of each pie and share which was their favorite

  • Lastly, we share conversations that we have had recently related to race and share topics 

       we would like to have further discussion.​

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Upcoming Events


Grab a slice of sweet potato or pumpkin pie, or your favorite dessert and join me and Rose McGee, founder of Sweet Potato Comfort Pie in an engaging conversation about Pie and Racism in America. We will also discuss how Rose uses her sweet potato pies as a source of healing during moments of racial crisis.

My project (2).png

Rev. Dr. Jamie Washington Dr. Carol Henderson and Dr. David Macintosh will provide commentary and answers to this one question that has plagued K-12 Education, Higher Education and state politics: Why is Critical Race Theory the Enemy? 

My project.png

Dr David Docusen,  Tim Kaelin, and Jared Karol,  An Invitation to Reflect and Act, share about their work to confront racism and other forms of social injustice within their communities.



From White Fragility to Allyship and Beyond

The Ally Continuum (3)_edited.jpg

If you...

  • Are seeking to understand the concept of White Privilege 

  • Want to be fully present in your allyship 

  • Want to move beyond ally and move toward being a co-conspirator 

  • Want answers to the hard questions about race and racism but have been afraid or ashamed to do ask

  • Want to understand the origins of racism in America 

Course Descriptions:

From White Fragility to Allyship and Beyond is a self-paced course that guides you through a deep level of awareness and knowledge of how White racial identity has been privileged above other racial identities in the United States of America. This course will assist you in your journey from understanding racism from an intellectual perspective to developing a personal action plan that will transform your families, communities and workplaces. You will also receive a signed copy of Dr. Lewis’ book,  Sweet Potato of Pumpkin Pie: Conversations with My Friends about Race and will be enrolled in 1 live bonus session with Dr. Lewis discussing the book.

Cost: $190.00 per person and consists of 4 self-paced sessions at your leisure.

Did you know that the rivalry between sweet potato or pumpkin pie intersects racial and geographical lines?
Prefer Sweet Potato Pie
Prefer Pumpkin Pie
Strongly Prefer Pumpkin Pie

Randle, Aaron. 2018. "Sweet Potato vs. Pumpkin: The intense Thanksgiving pie rivalry you never knew existed." The Kansas City Star. 20 November. Accessed November, 2020.

Read the article below to learn more

Sweet Potato vs.jpg
Take a Quiz

Take a quiz and see in real-time how your response compares to other responses.

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Listen to Dr. Lewis and three of his friends discuss their perspectives on race and racism 

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