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"You are more than enough. You are great beyond measure." 


Dr. William T. Lewis is an amazing facilitator, teacher, and writer in the diversity space. He introduced me to Brave Conversations and stands as a reminder that we are more similar than we think and we are all great and more than enough.”

Deborah Blake Dempsey, Leadership & Transformational Coach 


Dr. William T. Lewis, Sr.

Lewis is the author of the award-winning book, Sweet Potato or Pumpkin Pie: Conversations with My White Friends about Race. He co-authored the National Association of Diversity Officers in Higher Education (NADOHE) Standards of Professional Practice (2014). Lewis is the host of I WAS HAPPY; THEN I WENT TO WORK, AND BEYOND COLOR BLIND PODCASTS.

Lewis is a 2022 honoree for the Triad Business Leaders in Diversity.
As founder and president of WillHouse Global, Lewis leads a team of organizational development experts who help companies create cultures of belonging where everyone thrives! WillHouse Global was recognized as a Top Diversity and Inclusion Company for 2022 by Manage HR.

Lewis is a former Chief Diversity Officer, he has led diversity and inclusion efforts at several highly acclaimed colleges and universities-- Indiana University, Bridgewater State University, Virginia Tech University, and Forsyth Technical Community College. Lewis supports his fifteen-year-old son’s business, CAM’S Coffee Co., as the Chief Executive Gopher (CEG). CAMS was created to provide supportive employment for individuals with disabilities.

He has dedicated his entire profession to living the spirit of his social work background by “providing a voice for the voiceless and creating inclusive spaces for each person to reach their full potential.”

Lewis proudly served in the United States Marine Corps Reserves (1990-1996)

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Signature Keynotes

Dr. William T. Lewis is the perfect speaker for you if you're looking for energetic, informative, inspirational, and actionable talks on diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging, and organizational culture. He has three signature topics that you can choose from, and if you don't see a topic that fits your needs, his team can customize a topic for your audience. Contact them now to book Dr. William T. Lewis for your next event!

I Was Happy; Then I Went To Work: Creating Culture of Belonging In The Workplace:

Dr. William T. Lewis is a captivating speaker who can guide your audience through an engaging and entertaining discussion on building a workplace culture of belonging and happiness. 

Pie and Conversation:

Dr. William T. Lewis is a powerful speaker who engages his audiences in an honest and empathetic dialogue about race. He offers valuable insights and lessons from his book, Sweet Potato or Pumpkin Pie: Conversations with My White Friends about Race. 

Busting the Myths About the Generational Divide:

Dr. William T. Lewis is a master at debunking the myths surrounding different generations in the workplace. Through his hilarious presentations, he helps audiences understand that each generation brings a unique perspective and superpower to the table. 


O. Shelley Kemp, 
Strategic HR

If you've never had the opportunity to jump on a call or participate in one of Dr Lewis's online trainings on diversity, here's your chance. Thoughtful. Challenging. Inspiring. Creative in his approach to taking on sensitive topics. If you're doing the work in the DEIB space, put him in your contact list today.

Lily Cochrane,
Wake Forest University
Center For Private Business


Dr. Lewis’s strengths are rooted not
only in his expertise within the subject of diversity and inclusion, but also in his ability to communicate openly and effectively. He makes everyone in the room feel comfortable, he is a strong presenter, and he provides valuable insight with a customized approach for each client. I highly recommend Dr. Lewis as a subject matter expert

Tracy Rogers,
Sr. Director of Human Resources, Stellar MLS

This training has significantly broadened our team’s perspective and understanding of DEI issues and its impact. We have learned the importance of active listening, the impact of unconscious bias, and the value of allyship and inclusive leadership. This training has motivated us to be a more empathetic and proactive advocate for diversity and inclusion.

Now Available

Sweet Potato or Pumpkin Pie:

Conversations with My White Friends About Race

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I have seen Dr. Lewis lead a large cohort through a deep human relations experience, participated in his Brave Conversations Facilitator Training series, heard him interview nationally known authors and then traveled through the heart of the Alabama Civil Right Trail with him. Sweet Potato or Pumpkin Pie masterfully captures his inclusive approach to equity by combining short history lessons and the voices of others while sharing his own personal journey. The resulting message is powerful.


- Robert Egelston

Sweet Potato or Pumpkin Pie: Conversations with My White Friends about Race, Dr. William T. Lewis,

talks with his White friends about perhaps one of the hardest conversation topics in America, racism. William and his friends discuss the human toll of racism, and the promise of a better tomorrow. They discuss the hope for the future, by sharing a commitment to move through the ally continuum, from ally to accomplice to conspirator. If you are looking for a book that offers authentic and transparent conversations about race and racism and offers you hope in a blame and shame free manner, then you must order your copy today.

Available For Purchase  at


I Was Happy . . .

Then I Went To Work


The research is clear, employees who find happiness and a sense of belonging are:

  • 31% more productive than their peers;

  • 3x more creative than their peers; 

  • 87% less likely to leave the organization than their disengaged and unhappy peers.


This podcast provides business leaders with insights and strategies to help them create workplace cultures of happiness and belonging.

Shana shares how the work of diversity councils aligns with the core values of the company's core values.  

Beth Winstead, an HR thought leader and, Fractional HR Consultant. discussws how to create equity in the employee life cycle. 

Tess shares the elements needed to create high-performing teams in the workplace.

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