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Leader Coaching



The Inclusive Leader Coaching: Coaching is a powerful executive development process that offers one-on-one personal engagement. Dr. Lewis is committed to partner with you to unlock your full potential to becoming an inclusive and transformative leader. Regarding diversity and inclusion, Dr. Lewis has “been there, seen that, done that!” He has taken that long and hard journey inward to explore his  conscious and unconscious biases. He has become self aware of how he "shows up" in his interactions with this diverse world.

In his six-step coaching process Dr. Lewis will show you how to develop an inclusive mindset that will influence greater commitment and productivity from your employees

The Inclusive Leader Coaching program is customizable to your unique needs, goals and aspirations. Dr. Lewis will lead you through six eye-opening sessions that will provide you the tools you need to focus on your goals. The six sessions are:

Session 1: Unpacking My Cultural Baggage

Session 2:  Courage to Challenge Familial Teachings

Session 3: Seeing the "Other"

Session 4: Reflect and Re-calibrate

Session 5: Learning from the "Others"

Session 5: Creating a Culture of Belonging 



 Dr. William T. Lewis, Sr


Dr. William T. Lewis, nationally recognized diversity and inclusion thought leader, entrepreneur and executive coach, has authored several articles, most notably, he was one of three co-authors of the historic Standards of Professional Practice for the Chief Diversity Officers (2014), published by the National Association of Diversity Officers in Higher Education (NADOHE). Lewis is co-founder of CoopLew, a company dedicated to develop diversity officers into transformative leaders.

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