Culture of

Belonging Audit    


Belonging is the feeling of being in a place of psychological safety where being one’s full self is embraced and valued. A culture of belonging is an organization that engages the full uniqueness of each employee in order to bring out the employee's full potential. In a culture of belonging diverse points of views are valued and necessary for innovation to thrive. Moreover, a culture of belonging engenders loyalty and high levels of productivity. 

The Culture of Belonging Audit (CBA) is designed to provide an in depth review of how your organization is currently creating a high performing workplace for all employees.

The CBA looks how your organizational values impacts and are impacted by

External factors



Customer Experience


Internal factors

Leadership Development 


Employee Experience  


The CBA provides you specific actions you can take in order to enhance/create a workplace culture that produces employee loyalty, high productivity and increased customer experience. 

The Culture of Belonging Audit is a three step process that includes the following:

    60 Minute Intake Call

    In this call Dr. Lewis will seek to understand the current circumstances of your workplace culture. He will discuss            with your pain points and customize your audit to your most pressing needs

​    Full-Day On-Site Listening Session

    Dr. Lewis will visit your company and will conduct "listening sessions" with different employee groups and                   departments. The listening sessions are the heart of the Culture of Belonging Audit, as they allow Dr. Lewis to hear         the  "voices" of the employees. From the "voices" of your employees Dr. Lewis will provide you a set of relevant and     actionable recommendations to improve your employee's experience.

   Recommendations for Action 

   After Dr. Lewis' On-Site Listening Session he will provide you an actionable recommendations brief for immediate         implementation.

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