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Color Blind

Never before in recent history have, we as a nation had to deal with a global pandemic and a national epidemic (racism) simultaneously. I believe we are facing an inflection point. Things around race relations in America are changing. In order to sustain this change, we as Americans must be intentional about calling attention to the nuance of race and nuances of race. 

Beyond Color Blind Podcast 

Beyond Color Blind Podcast On the Beyorid Color Blind Podcast, Dr. Lewis will discuss the impact of racism in the United States of America. We will address topics such as white allyship, systematic racism and strategies to end racism. 

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The Brave Conversations Masterclass Facebook Group is designed for participants of the Masterclass to continue their engagement with Dr. Lewis and their cohort peers beyond the ending the actual class. Group will be a place where members can share resources, best practices, and tips about facilitating brave conversations. 

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Brave Conversations Facilitator Master Class

The skill of facilitating sensitive and nuanced conversations around race is part art and part science. A competent facilitator must understand foundational principles of communication, psychology, and human behavior. Moreover, the facilitator must facilitate with their ears, heart, and mind.

The facilitator of  conversations around race must understand that their job is to create an environment of psychological safety and they must always put the group first. 

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Lewis provides keynote and workshop presentations on the following:

Historical Context of Racism in America 

White Privilege and White Allyship 

Creating Culture of Belonging 

Taking Action Against Racial Injustice  

 Read Dr. Lewis's article in Fast Company: There's no easy hack to allyship.


Meet Dr. William T. Lewis, Sr.

Dr. William T. Lewis, Sr., nationally recognized diversity and inclusion thought leader, and entrepreneur is an advisor and consultant to university presidents, and small to mid-size business leaders.
Lewis is founder and president of WillHouse Global, a firm that help companies win! 

Lewis is the host of the Beyond Color Blind Podcast and is a master facilitator of Brave Conversations.  

​As a former Chief Diversity Officer, Lewis has led diversity and inclusion efforts at three highly acclaimed colleges and universities-- Indiana University, Bridgewater State University and Virginia Tech University.

Lewis formerly served as the Special Consultant to the President for Belonging, Equity and Inclusion at Forsyth Technical Community College. Lewis served as a co-founder of CoopLew (2016-2021).

Lewis serves the community of Winston Salem, as an advisory board member of the Black Philanthropy Initiative (BPI), an initiative of the Winston Salem Foundation. Lewis also serves his twelve years old son's business, Cam's Coffee Co,, as the Chief Executive Gopher (CEG). Cam's was created to provide supportive employment for individuals with disabilities. 

Lewis earned his Ph.D. in Higher Education Administration from Indiana University, Bloomington, IN. He holds a master’s degree in social work (MSW). He has dedicated his entire professional life to living the spirit of his social work background by "providing a voice for the voiceless and creating inclusive spaces for each person to reach their full potential.” 

​Lewis proudly served in the United States Marine Corps Reserves (1990-1996).

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