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Accelerate to Great Coaching

Session 1: Purpose 
1) Chapters 1-3 One Thing
2) Write personal goals
3) Reflect and write “The thing that gets me out of bed”
Billy Alsbrook 30 mins motivation 

Session 2: Fear to Fail 
1) Chapter 4-5 One Thing
2) Reflect and write:  What is your greatest fear that holds you back from achieving your dreams....what did you learn from a past failure? Falling and Loud Sounds 

Session 3: Vision: See it before you do it
1) Chapter 6-8 One Thing
2) Reflect and write: What does achieving your like goal looks like
3) Complete a vision board

Session 4: Reflect and Recalibrate
Write and reflect on what you got from the One Thing

Session 5: Learning from Others 
Meet with someone who has achieved what you want to achieve Interview them and write a minimum of 1 page summary of the interview. Below are some questions to consider

Session 6: Do Something 
What are the next steps 

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