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Join Dr. William T. Lewis Sr., nationally recognized diversity, equity and inclusion thought leader on his BEYOND COLOR BLIND TOUR: Taking Action Against Racial Injustice in America 

Drawing from his experiences as a former higher education chief diversity officer, an adjunct faculty and  a diversity, equity and inclusion consultant, Dr. Lewis will share big ideas, personal experiences and relevant solutions regarding taking action against racial injustice in America. 

In his high energy TED Talk style, Dr. Lewis will engage the audience in a conversation about:

  • Historical and Systematic Racism 

  • White Allyship and White Accomplice 

  • White Guilt and Black Rage 

  • Moving Beyond Words to Creating Action 


Here are five reasons why you bring The Beyond Color Blind Tour: Taking Action Against Racial Injustice in America to your community, business, school or college/university:

  1. You can ask the hard questions about racial injustice free from being shamed or blamed. 

  2. You will receive real and relevant action steps to enact change.  

  3. You will hear a refreshing voice of information and inspiration. 

  4. You will have a safe space to learn and develop. 

  5. You will laugh despite the seriousness of the topic.


What is my why?

During times of racial crisis, I have heard my black friends, family and colleagues state that they are tired of having to teach white people how to be civil and humane to black people. And at the same time, my white friends and colleagues are looking for a black person to "teach" or "tell" them what to do, without realizing the toll that it takes on the black "teacher." 

Recognizing the truth and the conflict inherent in these two positions, I have committed myself to stand in the gap and let my black friends, family and colleagues rest while I teach and explain to my white friends and colleagues. 

What's the meaning of Beyond Color Blind?

I have often heard this statement from my white friends and colleagues, "I do not see color!" Although this statement is usually expressed in the spirit of goodwill, it misses a major reality, since 1619  America has seen color, principally Black and White. The eradication of systematic racism is an intentional and ongoing process that calls upon each American citizen to act and be apart of the change.

BE: Bold! Courageous! The Change!

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