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According to research, 70% of the US workforce is unhappy and unengaged. Disengaged and unhappy employees cost US companies $450-$550 billion dollars each year in productivity. Workplace discrimination and intolerance have cost US companies $64 billion dollars.

I am here to help your company prevent the loss of employee productivity and millions of dollars by providing solutions to create a more happy, engaged and inclusive workplace.  


Meet Dr. William T. Lewis, Sr.

Dr. William T. Lewis, nationally recognized diversity and inclusion thought leader, entrepreneur and executive coach, has authored several articles, most notably, he was one of three co-authors of the historic Standards of Professional Practice for the Chief Diversity Officers, published by the National Association of Diversity Officers in Higher Education (NADOHE).  


His thought leadership has appeared in regionally and nationally recognized media outlets such as New England Public Radio, FAST COMPANY, and INSIGHT Into Diversity.  Throughout his career Lewis has provided administrative leadership for diversity and inclusion initiatives. He has been an advisor and consultant to university presidents, and corporate executives.

Lewis, is a serial entrepreneur, he is co-founder of CoopLew,, a company dedicated to providing executive development and training to chief diversity officers. Along with his wife, Latasha, Dr. Lewis is co-founder of InTheBlack,, a company dedicated to providing technical support to early stage entrepreneurs. 


Lewis, is a former Chief Diversity Officer, he has led diversity and inclusion efforts at three highly acclaimed colleges and universities-- Indiana University, Bridgewater State University and Virginia Tech University. Currently, Lewis is the Special Consultant to the President for Belonging, Equity and Inclusion at  and Forsyth Technical Community College. 

He has dedicated his entire professional to living the spirit of his social work background by"providing a voice for the voiceless and creating inclusive spaces for each person to reach their full potential.” 

Lewis provides keynote and workshop presentations on the following:

  • Historical Perspective of Diversity and Inclusion

  • Employee Experience  \

  • Creating Cultures of Belonging

  • Diversity Strategic Planning  

Dr. Lewis, earned a doctoral degree from Indiana University, and a master’s degree and a bachelor’s degree from Indiana University Purdue University.

Lewis proudly and honorably served his country for 8 years while in the United States Marine Corps Reserves.

Meet Dr. Lewis

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